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21 Dec 2015

Heathcare staffing
Medical staffing is still a problematic area after a recession, a skills gap still exists even if people are being fired. Specifically foreign nurses. Yet, nurse recruitment agencies who are experts in overseas nursing jobs & international nurse recruitment, often tend not to tell the real details of foreign nurse recruitment to clients as they possibly can earn more income pushing other programs.

Staffing solutions for nursing, medical, healthcare want to hospitals, nursing facilities, care services and clinic orientated medical establishments remains sought after.

One solution to the possible lack of health care professionals is via the TN visa from Mexico.

NAFTA TN1 Visas are valid for 3 years offering stability for the Medical Staffing Industry.

They are offered within the NAFTA treaty that allows professionals to be effective involving the 3 countries...USA, Canada and Mexico which has a relatively simple, fast and painless visa process. International nurse recruitment for American and Canadian employers does indeed give you a very good option that allows for foreign nurse recruitment from Mexico.

Mexican nurses require NCLEX, CFGNS (optional), Visa Screen and IELTS so that you can obtain a visa and legally be employed in USA that provides excellent alternatives for staffing solutions within the medical staffing industry.

The Overseas recruitment Association have recruited over 60 nurses from Mexico this will let you database of other professionals including healthcare professionals, therapists, physicians, doctors, Licenses practical nurses, registered nurses, pediatric and also other clinical, medical and medical occupations.

The NAFTA agreement is amongst the best overseas nursing recruitment selections for International nurse recruitment agencies.

Nursing in particular is at short supply in the united states, solutions do exist for tracking down staff. Travel nursing, care professionals, locum, nurse staffing services, health care services etc can all benefit from the NAFTA agreement TN1 Visas, the staffing solutions are available whenever we can acquire the word to the medical establishments that would benefit.

A summary of jobs that is filled with the TN Visa is available through the site too, included in this are engineers, architects, doctors and several other professions. The NAFTA agreement opened possibilities to recruit RN Nurses that many employers, staffing services and recruiters still haven't heard or learned all about.

The present extension from renewable 12 months visas to 3 year visas has made it more attractive like a solution for your chronic lack of health insurance and other professionals in the USA and Canada.

With all the H-1B program now a limited replacement for recruit foreign nurses and being so problematic as a legal vehicle to generate skilled and experienced RN nurses, there really is no other chance of those who are willing to act to locate quality foreign nurses and also other professionals from Mexico.

The TN NAFTA visa program is a simple and easy painless application for both the employer and for the nurses, it does need a systematic approach, verification of skills and commitment from both employer along with the nurses to view the procedure through to the finish. Without that commitment in the outset, there are lots of potential problems if things have a little sticky with applications which are being wanted further documentation.

The TN program Visa can be acquired for several years. Nurses will be needing the subsequent certificates to get the TN visa and work in USA...NCLEX, Visa Screen, IELTS, CFGNS is optional

Article Recap: Nurses from Mexico available on TN visas. TN Visas can be found under the NAFTA agreement which can be between USA, Canada & Mexico. Nurses, Physicians, doctors, architects, engineers and other professionals meet the criteria under the scheme. The TN Visa can be acquired for 3 years. Nurses will require these certificates to find the TN visa and operate in USA...NCLEX, Visa Screen, IELTS, CFGNS is optional


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